We now return to our regularly scheduled program

Ok, ok I'm back. After a short (erm...long) hiatus, I'm back. 

A LOT has happened since I last checked in and I mean a LOT. 

Firstly, we bought a house! After a year of searching, we finally found the house of our dreams. I'll be sharing some photos soon. 

We've been in since the start of November. It has been bliss. We sit on the couch or on the deck daily, surveying the house and yard with a smug sense of satisfaction! 

It's a 1960s beach shack, complete with hardwood floors and high ceilings. The biggest surprise on inspection was the HUGE deck out the back. It's like having a whole other room. 

The place is in great condition, there's just been a few cosmetic alterations we've made since moving in.

Before moving in we got the floorboards sanded and polished, restoring them to their original glory. We had thought there were floorboards in the bedrooms under the linoleum but unfortunately there wasn't. We spent a week and a half 'camping' in the living room while we got the hardwood installed.

We've also put up a fence along the front of the property, making the house much more private, secure and finished. 

Our next step to tackle is the unruly garden and move a very oddly placed shed. But all in all, we're living the dream! 

My other bit of news is that my sister Eleri got married! She married her fiancé Jared the start of December. They are just made for each other! I couldn't think of a more perfectly suited couple.

Their wedding was spectacular. You can check out a few of the photos below. It was a super fun day and a wedding for the ages!

Caleb also started a new job this year! It’s a step up on the corporate ladder and he’s really enjoying the new challenges. 

That’s about it in the ‘news’ department. I’m back at work now and well into the swing of things. 

I promise to be much more regular in my posting schedule this year. You can expect some outfit, cooking and lifestyle posts coming your way soon. Stay tuned!