Postpartum wellness

Olive's first trip to the beach.

Olive's first trip to the beach.

Hello! It sure has been a while. I've been living in a newborn bubble for the past three months but it feels good to be back and to start blogging again.

Tomorrow marks 12 weeks since Olive entered the world and they have been some of the most wonderful, joyful and challenging weeks of my life.

Words cannot describe how much I love her, and I'm loving my new role as her mother. 

But, it has taken some getting used to and it's only really been this week that I feel like the fog has lifted a little and I'm starting to regain some motivation.

I understand why they call the first three months after birth the 'fourth trimester'. It's a lot of getting to know each other and settling in. 

Olive is such a joy and it's wonderful seeing her little personality emerge more and more each day, and watching her discover and learn. 

When I look back to the first few weeks I can't believe how far we've come. From many tears over breastfeeding difficulties (I had an oversupply of milk), to trying to learn to understand Olive's wants and needs (I think I'll be trying to figure this out forever), it sure has been a wild ride.

And not just for me! I wish I could read Olive's mind sometimes. What a shock it must be to be born and thrust into this big outside world that you don't understand or know anything about.

I remember visiting the child health nurse the week after Olive was born and telling her how Olive was always putting her arms in the way when feeding and how difficult it was making it. 

She simply said, "Just relax and don't worry about it, she doesn't even realise she has arms!". How right she was. Everything was as new to her as it was me - even more so!

It's amazing to see how much she's changed in the past 12 weeks, both in looks and developmentally.

Now she smiles all the time, is starting to try and roll over, and to grasp at toys. It's a delight watching her discover and grow.

Wellness wise, as we near the end of the 'fourth trimester', I've really started to feel the itch to get back my pre-pregnancy health and fitness. 

I've been eating healthy and exercising up to this point, but I'd like to create a bit more of a fitness schedule to help get my core strength back.

I'm not talking anything too strenuous here, except for being more consistent with walking, pilates and yoga. 

I'm also planning on doing some batch cooking and baking each Monday to stock up on healthy snacks throughout the week. And I'm going to start making kombucha again. 

One of the biggest things I've noticed with breastfeeding, is how much more water I need to drink. So I'm actively trying to up my intake of water as well.

My skin has also been really bad since giving birth. I've got the acne back I had in my first trimester and it's really hard to not get down about it. 

Because it's hormonal, it might just be one of those things where I have to wait it out until things settle down a bit. Here's hoping it clears up soon but I'm sure healthy eating, more exercise and more water can only help it.

So that's what's happening with me. Let me know if you'd like me to share my exercise schedule in more detail.

And if you have any healthy snack recipes you love, please send them my way!