Favourite find

The ‘safe’ sunscreen I look forward to using each day.

I’ve been a fan of Eco Tan products for a long time.  All their products are natural and made locally.

Their Winter Skin gradual tanner is a winner for prepping that summer bod.

When I heard they released a sunscreen I was excited to try it, but held off buying until I'd used up the sunscreen I already had.

I use sunscreen on my face every day. It’s the best anti-aging tool around.

But as an oily-skinned gal, it’s hard to find a sunscreen that doesn’t exacerbate the problem. And natural sunscreens are notorious for giving skin a white ‘cast’ and pilling under makeup.

Luckily for me, this one does (almost) none of the above.

My ideal sunscreen is something that is natural, easy to apply, doesn’t make me oily, works under makeup and doesn’t give a white cast.

The Eco Tan sunscreen ticks all of these boxes, leaving only the tiniest white cast on my skin. I’ve been using the tinted version, which I think helps with this problem.

A small amount goes a long way, so the tube will last a long time.  It also works well under makeup and leaves my skin with a nice radiance, without making it oily.

It looks like it's currently sold out on the Eco Tan website, but check the stockists page for a retailer near you. 

This post is not sponsored. I purchased the product and all opinions are my own.