Evening skincare routine


Since becoming a mum, I’ve noticed how much more hormonal fluctuations and external factors impact on my skin.

From hyperpigmentation during pregnancy, breakouts due to constant hormonal changes, the sun, and getting less good quality sleep, I can’t get away with a lazy approach to my skin anymore.

I had terrible breakouts up until about 20 weeks pregnant with Olive, then it cleared up practically overnight. But it all came roaring back when she was born and I started breastfeeding.

Now that she’s weaned herself (literally days before she turned one), my skin has cleared up a lot but I’m still having to work harder to get that glow!

I take a natural approach to what I put on my body and it’s always been hard to get good, high-performing natural products that don’t cost a fortune.

I’ve used Sukin a lot in the past because it is natural and inexpensive but it definitely hasn’t made any improvements to my skin concerns.

But recently, a new store opened in Nobby Beach which fills a huge gap in the market for natural products.

It’s called the Clean Beauty Market and they stock a wide range of hard-to-find non-toxic skin, hair, makeup and wellness brands, and do treatments as well.

Recently, I had a hydro-microdermabrasion and it was amazing. It was so relaxing I’m pretty sure I fell asleep!

And the best part was, it was completely customised to my skin. The facialist hand-picked every product used during the facial.

The experience opened up a whole new world of skincare options to me and I’ve discovered some great products that my skin is loving.

Just to note, I have true combination skin - it’s often oily and dry/dehydrated at the same time. My main skin concerns are breakouts, hyperpigmentation and dehydration.


My evening skincare routine

Santé Face Cleanser - I use this in the shower to take my makeup and/or sunscreen off. It just uses water to wash it all away.

Meow Meow Tweet Face Cleanser - my skin loves this. It’s very nourishing while lifting all the impurities away and giving my face a good cleanse. It leaves it feeling hydrated and doesn’t strip all the good oils away.

January Labs Daily Brightening Tonic - I don’t know how this stuff works but it’s amazing! It exfoliates and hydrates at the same time. When I wake up in the morning any redness or breakouts are significantly calmer and it gives my skin a lovely glow.

January Labs Moisture Balancing Lotion - this does exactly what it says on the tube. It’s a lightweight moisturiser that hydrates without any greasiness.

Aesop Blue Chamomile Hydrating Masque - I use this every second night as it’s such a lovely soothing burst of hydration. When I wake my skin looks glow-y and well rested.