Bedroom tour

I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a ‘bedroom tour’.

At the unit we used to rent, the bedroom was so uninspiring, and because it was a rental we couldn’t really do anything to spruce it up.

Now that we’re in our own place – that has it’s own natural charm – it’s been fun to make our bedroom a cozy and relaxing space.

I hate clutter but I love colour, and I have fairly eclectic taste. Our bedroom is a pretty good representation of that.

This year we replaced our bed frame and mattress. Both were from when I was about 15 years old!

The mattress was sunken in the middle and although the bed frame was still nice and in great shape, it overwhelmed the room and I constantly bumped into the bed end’s pointy corners.

Our new bed frame has a similar aesthetic but is a lot more fine and streamlined – and is without a bed end. We picked up the bed frame on sale at Matt Blatt a couple of months ago.

What really makes the bed though is the sheets.

I love the look and feel of linen. There’s something about it that looks so cozy and effortless at the same time. Our ben linen is by In Bed Store, which is the best quality and value for money that I've found.

Texture is key when it comes to making a bed look good, which is why I’ve incorporated a few different styles of throw cushions.

The pink faux fur one is from Kmart and the two grey/brown cushions are from Country Road. 

Our bedside tables give a nice pop of colour to the room. These fun aqua-painted rattan bedside tables are from Family Love Tree.

The house is a 60s beach shack, and as such, has no storage. There are no built-ins in the bedrooms at all. But I actually prefer this as it really maximises the space available and you feel the full impact of the high ceilings.

In the spare bedrooms we’ve restored vintage wardrobes, which work a treat in those rooms but would never fit all our clothes.

Instead, Caleb made us this beautiful clothes rack from pine and copper piping. He made it extra high so that none of our clothes would drag on the ground and so that we could fit shoe racks underneath.

I love the effect of exposed clothes and I think the rack adds so much personality to the room. It works perfectly for us because I'm a neat freak and like to have my clothes colour co-ordinated (weird, I know).

It’s also really easy to see my clothes so it definitely helps in figuring out what to wear in the mornings!

Our IKEA dresser fits the rest of our clothes, such as shorts, t-shirts and underwear, and is home to a big vintage-inspired mirror Mum and Dad bought for me when I was about 16.

It’s been speckled by the salt spray from living by the beach, but I actually love the effect it’s created.

The finishing touch is the cowhide, which we purchased in Argentina when we visited South America in 2015. It adds a softness to the room as is very cozy underfoot.

All in all I’m very happy with a bedroom. I really wanted to create a space with a relaxing and cozy aesthetic as it really is key to a good night’s sleep.