Baby essentials: 3 - 6 months


I’m back with another baby essentials list, for all you expecting mummas out there. This time for 3 - 6 months old.

We used the items below time and time again with Olive, and many we still use.

Without further adieu, here’s our list of essentials…



Olive has always been desperate to move and gets bored quite easily, so having a mat for her to roll around on and a baby gym to keep her entertained were such a help. We have this mat. The wooden play gym we bought is no longer available but this one looks great, as you can customise it yourself.

Once Olive hit the three month mark and her neck was strong enough, we started using the Jolly Jumper for small periods of time, which she loved! Ours was given to us by a friend but you can get one here. It was so helpful when I needed to get something done, as it kept her entertained and meant I was hands free.

Out and about

The bouncer was another great item to have. It made hanging out the washing that much easier, as I could just pop her on the ground next to me. It was also great for when we started Olive on solids when the highchair was too big. We received this bouncer for Olive’s baby shower and love it.

Another essential is our pram. We have the Joolz Geo 2 in Studio Gris and can’t recommend it enough. It is an investment but we love the big basket underneath, how high the seat is (much easier for getting Olive in and out), and that it can all fold down together easily to put in the car.


We started Olive on solids at four months because she was clearly interested in food and had stopped sleeping through the night.

For making purees, these baby food cups were fantastic as they come with a tray that is stackable - so great for the freezer. For eating, we have a Bobo & Boo dinnerware set, which is fantastic quality and will last Olive well into toddlerhood.

Once Olive hit 6 months, we followed more of a baby-led weaning approach and have absolutely loved the Young Gums cookbook. It gave me a lot of confidence in what to cook for her and how to cook in a way that will feed the whole family with the same meal.

So, there it is! Our 3 - 6 month essentials, many of which are still on daily rotation. I hope this helps!