Baby essentials: 0 - 3 months

A teeny tiny Olive asleep in her Snuggle Me.

A teeny tiny Olive asleep in her Snuggle Me.

I had practically no idea what you need for a baby before having Olive, and got a little stressed out in the weeks leading up to her birth about what I’d need for her.

There are so many lists out there and I really didn’t want to buy things we wouldn’t use that much - I just wanted the essentials.

Besides the whole clothes, nappies, burp cloths thing, here are the things that were extremely helpful when Olive was just a wee newborn…


We swaddled Olive for the first couple of weeks because we found the Love to Dream sleep suits a little too big to start with, but once she got a little too good at wriggling out of the swaddle (she always wanted to sleep with her arms up), we popped her into the sleep suit.

These are great because they have the double zipper, making nighttime nappy changes that much easier.

For when we were out at friends’ places and Olive needed a sleep, the Snuggle Me was so handy. It’s also much lighter and less cumbersome than taking a portable cot, and meant we could just put her down on a bed to sleep. It’s also really handy for co-sleeping.


We don’t have a bath at home and I wasn’t too keen on buying a baby bath (we have no where to store one) so we got a Blooming Bath to fit in our sink.

The Blooming Bath was so handy as it meant I didn’t have to hold Olive the whole time (and get a back ache!), as I could just prop her up on one of the soft petals. It was also easy to wring out and hang on the line to dry, folds away easily and is machine-washable. Win!

Out and about

The biggest lifesaver of all when Olive was a newborn was the Chekoh wrap. Olive loved to be worn. It was perfect for walks, grocery shopping (so she could nap while I shopped) and for anytime she was unsettled. I could not recommend this product enough.

Olive, only hours old.

Olive, only hours old.